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According to The Examiner, It has been confirmed that the Obama Administration provided confidential documentation to the filmmakers of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ which may create an “unnecessary security and counterintelligence risk” if released to the public.

This news comes in the midst of the hype being created around the release of the film in January 2013 directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Members of the Obama Administration have revealed, in sworn court documents, that the documents were given to Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal specifically to use the highly sensitive information for the making of their film.

The unusual Obama-Bigelow cooperation is now being investigated, including documents from meetings and communications between the administration and the filmmakers. The disclosures made to the filmmakers are currently being investigated by the DOD Inspector General.

According to Judicial Watch President, Tim Fitton, the administration:

“…..released sensitive information to help with a film that was set to portray Barack Obama as ‘gutsy.’ If this is true, then the Obama administration was lying to the American people when it said the leaks were no big deal.” Fitton went on to say that,”the public has a right to get to the bottom of this scandal and the Obama administration should comply with the open records law and disclose the names that were leaked.”

Of particular concern is the release of information regarding five operatives which were key players in the capture of Bin Laden. Judicial Watch has identified the precise emails containing the information it wishes to obtain, and in sworn declarations Obama administration officials conceded that this information was provided to Bigelow and Boal,” states the Judicial Watch report.

In his testimony, Mark Herrington, Associate Deputy General Counsel, stated that the military officers’ “identities would be threatened” if publicly disclosed but added that Under Secretary of Defense, Mike Vickers, released one of the names to screenwriter Mark Boal.

Judicial Watch argued in a counter-motion for summary judgment filed with the court on Nov. 12, 2012:

“The government cannot have it both ways in this case If this information were very sensitive, it would not have been shared with the filmmakers. Since the government did share the information with the filmmakers, the court should conclude that it is necessarily not sensitive … Assisting to make a movie about government accomplishments is not a necessary or important governmental function. If it were, the term for it would be political propaganda.”

Fitton has concluded his initial investigation into this new revelation by saying, “The public has a right to get to the bottom of this scandal and the Obama administration should comply with the open records law and disclose the names that were leaked.”
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