Fox News Hacked – Script Kiddies Take Responsibility

Fox News is the latest victim of a hacking hoax, carried out by a group calling themselves ‘Script Kiddies’.

Several false news stories were updated on their twitter feed including a hoax claiming President Obama died. Fox News is the latest broadcaster to become victim of a hacking attempt, which is becoming a nuisance and embarrassment to agencies.

According to the BBC, the postings of false news stories remained on the feed for several hours. This could suggest that Fox News was aware of it, but didn’t want to take it down immediately, or whoever was controlling their social media didn’t see it. There will inevitably be some conspiracy theories as to why the hack was not dealt with sooner, since the news agency is politically conservative.

The yet to surface group or individual called The Script Kiddies, is just another sign that no company is immune to hacks, and people must take extra precautions to ensure their password isn’t stolen. For now, the damage won’t have any major repercussions for Fox News, and may have indirectly promoted their twitter news feed. The best precaution on the web is to avoid using simple passwords, or saving them on unencrypted files that could be downloaded by hackers.


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