Fraud allegations hit Bono’s donations to Global Fund charity

Bono s Global fight against Aids faces a major setback after the Global Fund has been accused of corruption.

While Bono s charitable efforts to improve the lives of millions around the world are some of the most far reaching and respected, the Global Fund faces scrutiny for a loophole in excess of $30 million in its accounts.

Bono s project RED Charity is one of the major donors to the Global Fund to combat Aids and HIV but now it would appear that fraudlent receipts and accounting practices have been uncovered.

Countries like Sweden and Germany have suspended funding towards the Global Charity until an audit can be made of the remaining funds set to be totally around $10 billion.

Global Fund in the media

Corruption allegations have surfaced and the media have reported on various aspects of the funding crisis that is now facing an international backlash.



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