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The background

I would like to share with you my vision to create an online resource for the film industry. Back in 2007 when I graduated from film school I felt that many of my friends struggled to get any recognition for their work. I was tired of the system that kept doors closed for bright young talent, especially when people higher up the ladder, in some cases, had achieved far less. I was very much opposed to ‘elitism’ and having to know people to get things moving, and so I launched a network group on Facebook to bring together the industry. This would open doors for people who didn’t know where to look and break down the barriers to allow their voices to be heard.

The response was incredible, over 6 months, I had 10,000 people join my network, and it has grown steadily to over 30,000. However, this was never going to be enough to make lasting change. I wanted to highlight people’s work, give them a place to turn to when they didn’t know where to go and get established professionals to share their advice.

In 2009 I launched the first phase of the Film Industry Network, a small blog with some free tips, and started to interview people in the industry to get their perspective. This grew over time to include film industry news and analysis on all things entertainment. To date, we have had over 50 contributors providing in-depth articles and industry blogs and covered some of the most sensational success stories in entertainment. It has been an incredible journey, and a huge learning experience to undertake something like this, and I hope you will find the opportunity to make a difference to your life on the Film Industry Network

– Iain Alexander

About the Film Industry Network Website

Since 2009, Film Industry Network has provided the entertainment community with feature stories on top talent, exclusive interviews, film and music news, video contests and promoted charity initiatives.

From film directors to musicians, everyone has a unique set of experiences. The Film Industry Network provides an outlet for people looking to improve their craft, and to find out what are the most important stories happening today.

Film Industry Network has featured some of the world’s best video contests from the BBC My World challenge to Peter Jackson’s Your Big Break. Our website is regularly quoted in various magazines, blogs and newspapers and is a go to resource for discovering top talent in the industry.


Our audience consists of working professionals from actors to singers, production companies, PR firms, entertainment industry organizations, institutions and film studios. We reach out to some of the most important decision makers in the industry who use our website to discover the best talent.

What is special about the Film Industry Network?

Film Industry Network believes in ‘universal integration’. Being more important than someone else goes against the basic principles we stand for. The community around us is built on the belief that we can all share a common goal, and help one another achieve our desires; whatever background we come from. Our social networks are integrated into the Film Industry Network website, and Facebook users can use their existing accounts to comment on all our articles.

Our social groups are 100% open to members, allowing people to write, comment and showcase their work. Film Industry Network also regularly checks its social networks to find exceptional work and achievements and to highlight them on the website.

Take the next step in your career today and learn from those who have already succeeded. It’s never too late to take a different direction, and you can always learn new skills with the vast array of free content available on the site.