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‘Outcast’ in China with Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen


Nic Cage and Hayden Christensen head to China

‘Outcast’ is set in China with Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen with the entire cast and crew confirmed for the film. Sourcing of locations, costume designers and local production teams has also been carried out and the film will head in to pre-production early next year.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Nick Powell (The Director) said he is employing mainly Chinese cast and crew and has already started meeting with actors for the various roles.  Powell added, “I’m starting to set up a production company in China because there is unlimited potential here.”

Set in the 12th-century, ‘Outcast’ is the story of an enigmatic warrior (played by Hayden) and the children of a defeated Emporer who come together to challenge the existing ruler, the sadistic brother of the former Emperor.

Powell said:

 “It was originally a genre film – but I was interested in the idea of a knight in China, [so] I had it rewritten to make it more than just a genre film. I want to make something more dramatic than just an action movie.”

The story was written by James Dormer and will be produced by Jeremy Bolt, Gary Hamilton and George Mizen.

Shooting commences in April 2013 and the film is to be released in both USA and China in November 2013.


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