Star Trek TV series director dies after long battle


Winrich Kolbe passes away

Winrich Kolbe, a Star Trek veteran with 48 TV episodes to his name has died after a long illness.

The TV director’s death has just been made public after it was revealed that he had died in September.

Kolbe was behind some of the Star Trek franchises’ most memorable episodes including TNG’s series finale ‘All Good Things” and the ‘Caretaker’ pilot episode of Star Trek Voyager. In total, Winrich Kolbe directed 48 episodes for DSP, Voyager, Enterprise and Star Trek The Next Generation.

According to, Kolbe passed away at the age of 71. The director had retired in 2003 but he then later taught film and TV at the Savannah College of Art and Design until 2007.

Recently, Michael Dorn announced that a new spin-off TV series was in development. There has been no new Star Trek TV series since the final episode of ‘Enterprise’, which aired in May 2005.


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