Twitter releases live video update as Periscope declines

This week Twitter made a major, and somewhat overdue update to its app that for the first time allows people to broadcast live.

Falling behind other players especially Facebook, Twitter has come late into the game despite having started off with a headstart after acquiring Periscope.

The tables have turned and after an exciting launch and 10 million new users, Periscope has continued to lose momentum in the app charts while Facebook Live, Busker and now Instagram Live are among competitors making traction.

Twitter users can now simply record live natively inside of the app with or without installing Periscope. This has been a longtime coming but the addition is good news for the platform that has more than 300 million users. With that in mind, Twitter has also signed a host of broadcasting deals and is trying to become the platform of choice for news and the media at large.

With breaking news, live events and community interaction, Twitter may yet prevail in the battle for live video streaming vs Facebook and Instagram’s new offerings.